Bald Cypress Camouflage's technology can make you a more successful hunter and improve your experience, no matter the animal you seek. Our trademarked patterns were designed, so you can get closer to wild animals than you ever thought possible. We won’t promise that wearing Bald Cypress Camouflage clothing will make you a better hunter, but we can get you closer to wildlife without being detected. Our fabrics are lightweight, breathable, and durable. Our camouflage apparel is perfect for hunting during any season. 

Slough camouflage camo clothing camouflage for hunting


Slough was designed for the harsh winter months. All the leaves are gone , the hardwoods are filled with deer scavenging for the late season forage. The ducks have made it to the wintering grounds. The Slough pattern was designed with all these things in mind!

Post Harvest camouflage camo clothing camouflage for hunting
Gum Bottom camouflage camo clothing camouflage for hunting

Gum Bottom

Post Harvest

If your hunt is taking you to the marshes in Louisiana or the wheat fields in Saskatchewan, Post Harvest is the pattern you need to keep you covered! The contrast of golden corn and black shadows makes the hunter disappear from the whistling wings above the flooded rice or cut corn.

Whether you're hunting whitetails in the fall or calling turkeys in the spring, our Gum Bottom pattern has you covered. The bark pattern is designed to blend seamlessly into any tree, allowing the hunter to fade into his surroundings.