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The Garntos come from a long line of hunters, so when Kelly and Joel met in high school, this was one thing they connected on – their respect for the sport. They’ve passed this love on to their 3 boys, Myles, Mason and Mitchell. Both Kelly and Joel’s families have been avid hunters for generations, so it seemed natural that the boys would pick up the sport as well. However, owning their own camo company was never in the plan, but when Joel met Andrew Bell at his home to inquire about a boat, it seemed like a natural fit. The Bell family originally started the business out of their home in Alabama. Their son, John Dawson, actually created the patterns! After the boys got older and moved away, the business became too much for Andrew and Ellen to handle on their own, so they started looking for the right buyers. Along came Joel… He and

Andrew began talking and instantly hit it off. Joel returned to his home in Georgia and after some discussion with Kelly and the boys, they decided to become the new owners of Bald Cypress Camo. While it’s been a slow start because of COVID, the new shipment will finally be here soon and we can’t wait for you to try it if you haven’t. And if you’ve already tried it, you’ll see it’s the same great quality that you’re used to, it’s just shipping from a different state now. From one family to another and eventually to yours – we hope you love our product as much as we do!